Kid Ninja Classes

Kids of every shape, size and age deserve to be their very own superhero. Tenacity Training is here to show them the way. 

Tenacity Ninja classes give them all the tools, tricks and techniques to smash any obstacle in their way – whether inside of the gym, or out. Kids as young as 4 years old will build strength, balance, agility and endurance in an environment where they’re encouraged to fail, learn and get right back up and try again. 

The best part? You, the parent, get to be a superhero too, by showing your kids how powerful they can really be.

All children are welcome, no matter their ability or special need. We proudly accommodate students with disabilities and make sure they are able to stay involved in a safe, encouraging and meaningful way. No one gets turned away at Tenacity.

We want you to know what you’re getting every time you train. Practice schedules are consistent and last 55min: 

  • 0-2min Warm up
  • 2-35 min Stations
    1. Rockwall and Devil steps
    2. Balance near Rockwall
    3. Jumping Spider
    4. Warped Wall
    5. Balance
    6. Rig/Rings/Monkey/Cargo
    7. Cliff Hanger
  • 35-45min Lesson time (sometimes this is before  the stations)
  • 45-55min FREE TIME

Purchasing a Monthly Pass for $68 lets your child attend class once a week for a month. OR sign up with an Monthly PLUS for $85, which opens up 1 class a week for a month, plus FREE access to all Open classes and practices throughout the month.

If you have a 16 year old looking to get involved, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities to get started through our Adult training program. 

And if you feel like your kid should participate in a class outside of their age range, shoot us an email or give us a call. We respect parent’s wishes to keep siblings together or to make sure their child is finding a challenge with respect to their ability and maturity.

Pee Wee classes: ages 4-6
Little Ninja classes: ages 7-10
Older Ninja classes: ages 9-18

Call or email Tenacity to get 15% OFF your second kiddos class fees.  If you enroll more than one kid at a time & sign up for autodraft!

  • All you need to bring is workout clothes, a water bottle, tennis shoes and a killer attitude.
  • When you come to visit, there’s an orange line marking the fitness area. Please do NOT cross the orange line, unless you have a waiver on file. Just ask us at the front desk and we can get you started. 
  • For the health and safety of all of our athletes, we want to make sure everyone stays hydrated. However, we do NOT sell water on site. We do have a water fountain, but we also encourage everyone to bring their own to save money and reduce plastic waste.
  • Outside food and drink are welcome. 


Membership gets you one assigned class a week. You register for your class. Don’t fret if you have to miss a class, we can do a make up during the month you are enrolled.

$90 Membership PLUS

Membership PLUS gets you one assigned class a week PLUS open play or classes with availability. You register for your preferred class. Don’t fret if you have to miss a class, we can do a make up during the month you are enrolled.


Either drop in during your month to an open play time or email us for which class would be a good option for make up.


We offer auto pay so you don’t have to think about making those payments month after month.

Class Schedule Dates

Start August 7th. We will be closed the first week of August.



Little & Peewee Ninja


Peewee Ninja


Little Ninja


Older Ninja



Open Play (Make up)

Little Ninja


Peewee Ninja

Older Ninja
Teen Ninja


No Classes





Open Play (Make Up)


Peewee Ninja


Little Ninja


Older Ninja

Peewee Ninja


Private Parties


Private Parties

Please note that if you miss a class you can make it up during the month registered or ask Ninja Nicole for a make up time within 24hrs of missing.

*If a class is full it will not be available for registration at this link below.


Shoot us an email to reserve your spot on our waiting list!

How to pause or cancel membership.

Shoot us an email to pause or cancel your spot by the 12th of the month 

Cancellations received after the deadline will be subject to a $2o cancellation fee.


tenacity summer camp

Summer Break Camps are filling up!

If you’re looking for a program to give your kid all the basic skills to conquer a real Ninja Warrior course, we offer Tenacity Camps to get them started. These programs are open to all ages and provide safe, guided practices to develop their minds, bodies and confidence.

Lots of kids spend their days in front of TV screens. The sun comes up, goes down and that kid hasn’t let go of the XBOX controller since they rolled out of bed.

Camps are Tenacity’s solution to school breaks, when parents still have to go to work, but they don’t want their kids sitting inside all day. Summer camps are a place where your kid can burn some energy, play and explore, no matter their ability. We offer both Ninja and even NERF camps to keep your kid moving!

Enroll your child TODAY in the first American Ninja Warrior Kids Camp in Western Kentucky!


Ninja Competitor

Does your kid think they have what it takes to prove themselves in a real world Ninja Warrior competition?

See how they handle the Tenacity course at the Tenacity WNL Competition on October 21​. This will be open to competitors from age 6 to adults & masters class (groupings based on age as of 1/1/24).

This Spring Break you have a few options a 1,2 or 3 Day Pass

From 9-11a April 6,7&8

Limited spots are available.

If you want to register for your spot Click this link!